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Wizard steps

When setting up a project, a wizard will guide you through the different steps of the project settings.

These are the things you can decide on along this wizard:

  • Title of the project. Find a meaningful name for your project.

  • Researchers to collaborate on. Including several researchers will allow for researcher triangulation.

  • Contact details for participants. It is important that participants have a contact in case they have questions or any kind of problems.

  • Welcome screen of the mobile app. Welcome your participants and tell them, why their opinion matters!

  • Predefined tags for participants to use. Predefined tags will help your participants use the right categories, inspire them what to document on and save a lot of time for you when analyzing your data.

  • What media types to collect, e.g. pictures, videos, location data. Including various kinds of media also allows for data triangulation. Please keep in mind: to taking videos with the app directly, after 1 minute of recording the recording time stops. So we recommend to record smaller chunks of videos.

  • Naming of touchpoints (touchpoint vs. experience vs. moment). Choose which naming works best for your individual project.

  • Type of scale (satisfactions vs. experience vs. importance). Please note you can only use one scale for each project. A hack to adding a second scale is using predefined tags for doing so. Always adapt the scale to your needs.

  • Participant profile / survey. Learn more about your participants by including a profile or short survey. Are they using your product or service for the first time? Where do they come from or how old are they? This will also help you to analyze data in more detail.


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