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Here is the most important vocabulary used on ExperienceFellow.

Mobile ethnography

In mobile ethnography projects, customers/users/employees become researchers themselves and use a mobile app to report on their experiences with a service. Learn more on this article on mobile ethnography.

ExperienceFellow mobile app vs. web-based app

Researchers use the web-based app (available online, no download) to set up the project, aggregate, analyze, and export the captured data. Participants use the mobile app (available in the AppStore or MarketPlace) to generate reports and by doing so feed the project with their data.


A participant is a proband of your project – a user, customer, employee etc. Everyone who participates in your research and who documents their experiences with our mobile app. Please note: adding or removing participants might change the price of your account.


A researcher is anyone involved in the set up and analysis of your project. You need at least one researcher to set up a project and to make sense of your data. Additional researchers allow you to triangulate your findings. Adding or removing researchers might change the price of your account.


A project is your main entity to distinguish between your different research ventures. Each single project has a unique project token and respective QR code for your participants to join. You can invite multiple researchers to a project (depending on your selected plan). The monthly pro account includes unlimited projects (only the sum of all researchers and participants in all your projects counts), while the single project plans include only one project.


A perspective is a seperate and complete copy of your raw data set. You can add tags, comments and sort touchpoints only in a perspective, so that you always keep the raw data set as it came in from your participants. Any changes you make in a perspective does not affect other perspectives or your raw data set. Create distinctive perspectives for different research topics or for different researchers (supporting investigator triangulation).

More about raw data and perspectives


A touchpoint is a specific experience – any moment a participant comes in touch with a brand, product, or service. A touchpoint can happen on any channel (e.g., on a website, telephone, TV, print advertisement, shop) and directly (such as between a service provider and a customer) or indirectly (such as word-of-mouth). A sequence of touchpoints is what we call a customer journey.


By organization we describe an account. Each organization can contain multiple project and can be used by multiple researchers. Also, each researcher can be part of multiple organizations. E.g., if you’re an agency working with multiple clients, you can manage their projects in different organizations. You can switch between them on the organization switch in the upper right corner of the dashboard.

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