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Here are some contents for those who are new to mobile ethnography and would like to get some help or inspiration on how to get started with ExperienceFellow.

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Find several articles on experience research on our blog.

Dig into the methods and practice of researching and improving experiences with our experience research toolkit.

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Test the app to see what your customers could be using to document their experiences.

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Sign up for a demo and learn how to use ExperienceFellow to get out the most of your research. Our team will be there to guide you through the tool, help with the main features and answer all your questions.

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Sign up for a mentor session, if you would like to get help or advice as you get started in your organization. Connect with our network of mentors to discuss your specific project.

Academic research

ExperienceFellow – developed for professional and scholarly research based on extensive academic research. ExperienceFellow is the result of extensive academic research. In fact, Marc (one of our co-founders) is doing his PhD on the topic of mobile ethnography – the underlying approach of ExperienceFellow. Here's a selection of articles on mobile ethnography or on research that uses mobile ethnography. If you've published some research using ExperienceFellow (or myServiceFellow as it was called 2008-2014) or you find some interesting papers on this, send us an email with the reference and link to


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