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7 steps to conduct your research project with ExperienceFellow

Get to know the parts of our mobile ethnography software, consisting of the mobile app and the web app.

The main parts of ExperienceFellow are the following:

  1. The researcher sets up the mobile app, i.e. the EF project. The wizard guides them through the setup.

  2. The researcher invites the participant to join the project. They just need to communicate a QR-code.

  3. Participants report touchpoints by using the mobile app. They just need to download the app and can start reporting right away.

  4. The mobile app synchronizes data as a raw data which is collected in the web app which only researchers can access.

  5. Raw data is the basis for creating perspectives. Perspectives are an exact copy of the raw data which can be analyzed in various ways.

  6. The researcher creates and analyzes perspectives by using tags, filters or map view.

  7. The outcome of the perspectives is the basis for exports, like PDF, XLS, and ZIP.

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