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Change your account details

This is where you can access your account details and how to make changes.

Account Settings

If you click on your name in the upper right corner of the dashboard you get to your account settings. There you find information on:

Plans and payment

  • Current plan: you can switch between the different plans, upgrade and downgrade whenever you want.

  • Billing information: you can change the organization’s details like name, VAT, address and invoice email.

  • Credit card: you can change your credit card details. If you prefer a manual invoice, please get in touch via

  • Billing history: you can check out and download your past invoices.

User management

  • My own user: you can edit your user name, email, password and avatar color

  • Researchers: you can add and remove other researchers.

Depending on your user role you can also 

  • change the organization name
  • invite or remove users
  • change payment details

Researcher roles

There are three researcher roles with different rights. Members can only work in projects they are assigned to. Managers can see all projects, create new ones and assign existing researchers to projects. The admin is the only one who can invite new researchers to an organization and handle everything related to the billing of an organization.

Also, if you have two projects at the same time, you e.g. assign 3 users to project A and 3 users to project B so they can only see the projects they have rights for.

To give admin rights to another or a second person, please get in touch with us, we're happy to get this done for you.

Change plan

Change credit card

Invite researchers

Assign researchers
Create projects
See all projects
Work on assigned projectsyesyesyes

Change the account's admin

If you'd like to make another user admin of the account then just drop us a line and let us know the email address of the user. Also it is possible to have two admins for one account.

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