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Syncing means the data your participants generate with their mobile app is transferred to the researchers' web-based app.

How data is synced 

After participants have created touchpoints on their mobile device, they need to be uploaded so that you see the data in the web app. If the mobile device is connected to the Internet, syncing will happen automatically and immediately after saving an experience. 

Of course participants can update already synced touchpoints at any time. The sync button in the Android version it is in the upper right, in the iOS version it is in the lower left.

Your participants don't need wifi/mobile data connections while they document touchpoints. If they are offline at the moment of creation, the touchpoints will be synced as soon as the mobile device is connected to the internet again. They need an internet connection for two occasions: first to download the mobile app and join the project and second to sync touchpoints. This can happen once at the very end of their participation to avoid roaming cost or, if this is not an issue, ongoing directly after a touchpoint is created. This is also the reason why project setup cannot be changed anymore, as people who work without internet connection would not get this "updated" project version.

Push notifications for sync

You can also remind your participants to sync their touchpoints by using push notifications.

Syncing problem

Syncing happens typically automatically in the background. There are sometimes issues with syncing if the following things apply:
  • Weak internet connection
  • Low battery or save battery mode. Please make sure your phone is charged completely
  • Usage of a lot of images or videos which might take some time to sync.
  • Sometimes it happens with Android that it might block background activities for the ExperienceFellow app. As an Android user, please allow for background sync for ExperienceFellow via the battery optimization settings.

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