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Data security

At More than Metrics we take data security seriously. 

How we treat your data

We use 256-bit SSL encryption for all transactions. Billing information is never stored on our servers and securely handled by Braintree Inc. which is also trusted by Airbnb and Uber. We keep our system up-to-date on any security patches for operating systems and server software as well as our software itself.

We only process data to store and provide it to the researchers of a specific project. Only you as a researcher can access and decide what happens to the data your participants collected. However, it is also your responsibility as a researcher to make sure only data that you are allowed to collect is gathered.

If your company has got custom guidelines that we need to sign on, feel free to get in touch with our CTO Klaus directly ( He is also happy to help you out with any security related concerns or questions that you might have.

Running ExperienceFellow on dedicated servers

Theoretically you can run ExperienceFellow on your own servers. However, this would only be possible in combination with a white-label version of the mobile application. Please consider if you can and want to take care of first-level support, data center security, external access, frequent updates, and maintenance. If you're still interested in hosting it on your own servers, please get in touch with us. (

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