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You can view and export your raw data and your perspectives in different ways. You find the export manager on the menu in the upper right corner.


Export each journey as a high-resolution PDF (to be printed with a plotter), as a whole or single touchpoint (for normal printers). You can choose if you want to include tags and comments. PDF exports are useful e.g., for presentations or workshops, either to give an overview of single customer journeys or even to work further with the data in a workshop.


CSV exports enable you to further calculate with the data as the values of the satisfaction scale are exported as numbers. The export contains all the data of the project in the form of text and numbers, including comments from researchers. For images and videos, only the path of the file is indicated.


With this feature, you can download all the data of your ExperienceFellow project as a zip-file.

Each export consists of the customer journeys of all the perspective’s (or raw data’s) participants in the format of:

  • A4 pages (PDF) for single touchpoints

  • Large plotting format (PDF) for the entire customer journey

  • CSV

  • Collection of uploaded photos and videos


Please note: depending on the size of your data set, the export might take a few minutes.

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