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Push notifications

Push notifications enable you to stay in touch with your participants during the project, send them reminders, questions or notes. You can set them up and send them anytime.

Create push notifications to communicate directly with your participants to prompt them. Also you can use it to remind them of important moments you want them to report, e.g. the breakfast’s quality, the website’s appearance, or parking possibilities. 

Technical requirements

This feature only works if the following conditions are met:

  • The mobile device is based on 1.5 (iOS) / 1.3 (Android) or any later version. Participants with older versions need to update their app before they can receive push notifications.
  • For Android 7 or any later version, participants need to permit their app to run in the background via the power manager. Otherwise the app will be stopped by the OS, thus not syncing touchpoints in the background and maybe also not receiving push notifications
  • Participants need to allow for push notifications
  • Participants need to be connected to internet

Click-by-click tutorial

This is how to create push notifications:

1. Notification text

This is the message that your participants will receive as a push notification. Keep the text short and to the point for the notification to be more effective, e.g. “How was your breakfast?” or “Check out our new website! How do you like the new design?”

2. Action

Choose if you want to only provide your participants with information, open a new touchpoint after closing the push notification, or only remind participants of syncing.

3. Select participants

You can choose the specific participants you want to receive your push notifications. Use the advanced filters to target the participants you want to reach.

4. Participant settings

Participants can choose whether or not they would like to receive push notifications. If they don't, you won't be able to target them, even if they fit your search criteria.

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